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Restricted Rehire

Hey, everyone! I did the college program in Spring 2009 and will be applying again in Fall 2012. A friend of mine is who is also reapplying (her program was Fall Adv 2010) is scared she might be on restricted rehire.......I had not considered this as a possibility and she scared me a little bit. I have a couple questions I hope someone can help me with!

1) What exactly is required to be on restricted rehire? I've heard different things from different people. Some say you just need points, some say you need a reprimand....I had nearly perfect attendance during my program (I called in 1 time) and was only late once or twice. I'm almost positive I had 0 points when my program ended and I never had a reprimand, so this doesn't worry me. My friend had just over 5 points when she left, but 0 reprimands. Is this something she should worry about?

2) I'm concerned about my status because I went seasonal from June 2009 - June 2010, when I was (sort of) termed for not being able to complete my hours (I was only about 10 short). I never called them and formally quit nor did I receive a letter or anything. Just one day I stopped receiving things in the mail couldn't log onto the Hub anymore. I just assumed I had been termed. I think this was around the time that they increased the amount of hours that were required to stay seasonal, as I knew lots of people who had been similarly laid off, so I really didn't think much about it. Should I be concerned, though? I was in excellent standing with the company besides this.

3) Is there a time limit on restricted rehire? If the seasonal thing DID put me on restricted, it will have been for over 2 years by the time I apply again (Well, I would apply in January 2012, but not work until August 1.5-2 years). Will it have run out and I won't have to worry?

I hope I explained everything clearly, if it doesn't make sense I'd be happy to clarify! I'd appreciate any advice you can give!
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