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Disney Roles?

Hey everyone!

I'm a former Disney CP who went seasonal, but had to quit because of school. I'm preparing to do a second CP, however, because I just miss Disney too much!

Here's my question: My last CP was merchandise and I absolutely loved it. It was a fantastic role and I'd love to do it again, but.....I'd also kind of like to do something different! I'm thinking about attractions and character attendant (very popular, I know....). My favorite part of merchandise was the massive amount of guest interaction I got to have, and the freedom to just kind of walk around and talk to people. I know that's something I'd probably give up if I switched to attractions or character attendant. Does anyone have experience working merchandise and then another role, and could tell me which role they liked better?

Or does anyone in these roles have some magical moments they'd like to share, or what they liked best and least about their role? What kind of guest interaction do you get in attractions/character attendant?

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