kskanzer (kskanzer) wrote in disney_cast,

Waiting for Casting

How does the hiring process go?
see, i've had my profile up on the WDW career site for almost 2 years now havent heard a word from them at all . i wouldnt mind having a job in attractions, merchandise etc. ya know?
ive called and asked about what to do but all the people told me is to wait until you hear something. so i do and i come to see all these other people getting hired right away. for instances my friend who moved to florida not to long ago after i did got a job with disney two weeks after she arrived! Disney is always saying they are hiring. ..
ive worked with the company previously on the college program .. with no bad rep. that was three years ago.
i live florida..

i dont know what to do. i'm thinking of going into casting personally and applying so far i heard that has helped many people..

i just want to get back to my disney roots ;p

any suggestions? advice?
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