f1ymetothemoon (f1ymetothemoon) wrote in disney_cast,

Position/pay at Disneyland?

Disneyland Castmembers: Out of curiosity, what is your position, and what is your pay? Also, how fulfilling is your position?

I’m a main gate ticket taker and screener. When I’m taking I get $9.05, and when I’m screening I get $9.30.

While it’s fun to see an occasional celebrity come into the park in those positions, it’s not the most fulfilling job. I think we get the brunt of the guests’ bad moods up front. We get yelled at a lot... doesn’t feel very magical. I’m looking into a transfer to another area, but haven’t decided which. My manager suggests I go into tours, but I think I might be a little shy for that. We’ll see :)
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