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Question about character roles/timing

Hi everyone! I hope you guys had an awesome New Years :)
I am currently not a Disney Cast Member (yet!) but have been interested in working as a Character Performer at WDW since I turned 16 in 2007. I'm 19 now, a freshman in college, and my interest has not waned in the slightest. I don't want to do the college program, but I am wondering how I can work at Disney World during the summer season as a character performer. Would I have to audition before the summer season, or during? And would I have a place to live as a seasonal cast member? I can work up to two months during the summer season.

I'm almost 5'1, danced for 15 years, and worked for almost two years at Chuck E Cheese. I know CEC isn't even close to Disney in terms of experience, but I was a birthday host and attended to all kinds of people, it definitely taught me patience! And don't tell anyone, but I secretly loved being Chuck E. and giving high fives and dancing for all the kids :)

I know a few people that have worked in the Entertainment industry before at Disney, and they have told me that I am pretty much a shoo-in for a princess role or Alice or Wendy (I'm not sure about the height requirements of the last two, I might be too tall even at 5'1/2). BUT, I am well aware that that is no guarantee I will land my dream as a performer, there probably will be lots of girls prettier and more experienced than I am at the auditions and I am prepared not to cry too hard if I don't make it, I promise I can handle it!

Thank you to everyone who is able/willing to help me on this, I really do appreciate it so much!
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