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I feel rotten.

I’m feeling miserable in the role Disneyland chose to put me in - it’s not feeling like it fits me or I fit it at all. And I just started. And I don’t know who to talk to about it, or if I should talk to anyone at all. I’m afraid that if I tell my manager I’m miserable she’ll just let me go, and that’s the last thing I want after coveting a Disney job for so long and finally getting hired. I’d really love to be in a different department; something with slightly less contact with people (I’m a ticket taker, so I see everyone who enters the park/s), and something where I might be working indoors on occasion. I realize I can’t talk to anyone about a transfer until I’ve been there six months. I just hope I can reasonably make it through the next 5.5 without feeling really down.

Just needed to get that out of my system. Thanks for existing/listening.
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I'm sorry to hear your not enjoying hour role as much as you'd like. I've been in the same position in the past actually with the Disney college program. Hated my role and still had 6 months to go (it was a Jan-July internship)..
Honestly I think you should give it a bit more time in your role..things may look up as time goes on. Since you just started. If things do progress like you hoped definitely speak to your manager and head of the department about it.that's what I did and got a transfer. Also on my 2nd college program I just waited that five/six months and transferred to a whole new role.

Curious what is making your experience unhappy?
I think mostly it's the monotony. I'd love to slow down and actually interact with guests, but the job doesn't allow that as I'm trying to get people through the line quickly, one after another after another.

Yesterday was my first day outside training, and I was stationed at DCA. I don't know why, but whenever I called a lead to help me with something, they were nonexistent. I'd have to call twice, then look around see if they were around while angry people piled up at my turnstile with problems I'm not trained to deal with. And the leads would get annoyed with me if I made a mistake. I pray I'll be stationed on the DL side today, as just about everyone over there knows I'm new, they're all super helpful, and the leads are available.
Any time you have to adjust to something intense as working for Disney can be, the process can come in stages... First comes the excitement of starting out. Then comes the day when the honeymoon is over, and the come-down can be hard. After that, usually things do get better. If they continue to improve, then you're good to go. If they stay kind of 'eh'... Well, then's the time to start thinking about a transfer.

As for me, I went through all the stages. My first days with the company were in Custodial, and after two weeks, I hated it. A couple weeks later things were improving as I adjusted better. By the end of my college program, I loved it. Went through pretty much the same things when I transferred to another department... Today I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

So the best thing I can suggest is giving it a bit of time, at this point. It can take a lot of energy to greet so many people each day- or in my case, tell them where the nearest restroom is- but believe it or not, you'll get used to it before you know it, and it'll become second nature. Also, if you're having problems with some parts of the job, it can help to talk to your coworkers and manager. They may have advice for how to handle things that go beyond what you learned in training, or at least they can lend a sympathetic ear, since they went through the adjustment too. Sometimes that can be enough to get you through the worst spots, and if worse comes to worst... well, six months (or five and a half...) isn't as long as it sounds.

(Of course, if you think the things that are bothering you may become a medical or safety issue- you didn't say exactly what they were- then you should definitely seek a remedy for right away)
Thanks for this. I had a manager give me a great "been there, done that" pep talk yesterday, and it made me feel better for awhile. I wish I would have spoken to him more in depth about my experiences yesterday (which I wrote a little about in a reply above), and I definitely will if I see him today.

I do have a medical issue regarding working in sunlight, but it's not a constant. It's a viral eye infection that usually flares up when my immune system is busy fighting something else, and the light sensitivity can be agonizing. I'm hoping that if it happens they'll have me work nights while I'm fighting it, or allow me to wear my darkest sunglasses (unlikely). Doubt it'll get me a transfer to a less sunshiny place though, but I can hope.
Start hanging out with your fellow castmembers. That's the #1 thing that helped me out of my doldrums, was making friends with them. I'm still in close touch with them, even after two years away from the Studios.

It does get easier, I promise. Even though it's hard to get there- it's well worth it :)
Absolutely. Some of them are really awesome and fun. I don't have a lot of time to hang out, since I have to go home and care for my children, but I'm going to make it happen somehow because I really need it. I know my fellow ticket takers have a lot of fun together, and I want to be in on it :)
Chin up, I hope you learn to love it!

Hugs from WDW Costuming.
Thank you... I hope so too! Today was a little better - felt more like I knew what I was doing. Still not sure I'm going to enjoy this particular role, but I really, really love the people I work with. Thanks for the hugs :)
I'm not a cast member, but they are giving great advice. I've been in positions I wasn't pleased with either, but always do your very best! Someone will notice your dedication and flexibility and you will eventually get the position you want. It's great that you're in the Disney door! Keep us informed if things change! Fingers*crossed!
Thank you so much for the support! I will *absolutely* be throwing confetti all around this community when I eventually get a transfer. For now, I'll definitely try my best in the role I'm in :)